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This new forum and resource site aims to help fill an apparent need for sharing of current information and perspectives on aspects of male reproduction, particularly in the animal kingdom. However, the latter is by no means meant to be exclusionary; interest and relevance should always prevail!

Calls for such a site have increased lately, fueled by a number of factors. These include accelerating advances in Animal Andrology and its related fields, accompanied by a host of new and exciting technologies.  A vast list of fields are inextricably intertwined with Andrology, ranging from basic sciences such as reproductive physiology and biochemistry to animal breeding, clinical applications, pathology, genetics, behaviour and toxicology.

However, such complexity too often results in a lack of cross-talk (fertilization?) as well as delays in the adoption of cutting-edge knowledge. Today, this is compounded by a lack of appropriate educational and training opportunities for budding Applied Andrologists, leading to inadequate awareness and training and the proliferation of uninformed opinion and practices.

Thus, improving and exchanging knowledge and understanding are important goals for AnimalAndrologists.Online. However, of equal, or even greater importance, is the fostering of interest and motivation in a subject area which is fascinating in itself as well as having important implications in areas as diverse as endangered species propagation, feeding a burgeoning human population and helping to cope with climate change. It is interesting to note that somewhat similar sentiments were expressed in 1997 in establishing the “Association for Applied Animal Andrology” [] which aspires to improve networking and understanding in the discipline of andrology as applied to those animals which are useful to mankind.

Thus, AnimalAndrologists.Online will provide a discussion and networking forum as well as providing relevant resources such as interesting and topical research papers and reviews, opinion pieces, images, videos, how-to information and updates on new technologies and equipment.

It is envisaged that, as usage grows, the site will evolve as dictated by volume of traffic and subjects of most interest. Here, suggestions and comments are very welcome. To start with, suggested areas for discussion could be;

  • Male development, Spermatogenesis, Evolutionary influences
  • Comparative Perspectives
  • Semen Handling, Processing, Evaluation
  • Spermatoxic Processes and Agents
  • Sperm/Semen Fertility
  • Male Reproductive Behavior, Biostimulation
  • Genetic considerations
  • Disease, Pathology
  • Questions, Problems, Puzzlements, What-ifs

Now, for the commercial!

The survival and success of any such venture is dependent upon the enthusiasm and activities of the participants; i.e. all of us!  We believe that there is a real need for a site such as AnimalAndrologists.Online, but this needs to be confirmed.

We look forward to a vibrant, productive, useful and popular AnimalAndrologists.Online

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