Blastomycosis and dog semen

Blastomycosis and Semen

I got a call from a gentleman who owns a male intact German Shorthair that was diagnosed with blastomycosis. They collected and froze semen before starting treatment and the bitch to whom the dog is to be bred is now is season. The owner wants to know if blasto is transmissible through that semen. I know dogs with blasto shed tons of organisms into urine but cannot find any info about shedding into semen, likelihood of blasto surviving the freeze/thaw process, or likelihood of infection of the female via introduction of organisms in her uterus. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Another frustrating dog problem

Now I have a weird dog question  

This is from a 3 yr old dog, no history of illness. He has been out on the show circuit this year and it is hot (85+F consistently for the past 2+ months), though he lives in an air-conditioned kennel or in the house. 

This was a routine semen check prior to offering him at stud. Motility & concentration were good. However, >95% of his heads had this ‘balloon’ shape that tapers sharply to the midpiece. He had a potpourri of other abnormalities, TCT, swollen/irregular midpieces, but nothing out of the ordinary. I have seen these heads occasionally in other dogs and considered them abnormal, but never in the percentages that this dog has them.

Could this be normal for him? I gave the owner options of rechecking in 2-3 months (accounting for sperm cycle & weather) or finding a bitch to do a test breeding. 
Has anyone seen these type of heads so prevalent in dogs that were fertile?