Re Semen Storage Regulations (from ACT Listserv)

Does anyone know of any regulations, or protection, regarding semen that is stored and the owner is unknown, or unable/unwilling to retrieve or pay storage fees?

Reply 1. You would be surprised how often owners forget they have semen stored. Or folks pass away leaving no record.

Reply 2. Not aware of any regulations per se, although when it comes to export work there are many rules concerning health, testing, biosecurity, quarantine, facility and subsequent storage protocols. Otherwise storage of other people’s property comes under “generally practiced” guidelines such as a signed storage agreement and disclosure of insurance (or not). Insurance can be obtained covering loss – if not, clients should be informed (certified mail?) that there is no protection against damage, accident or loss. A business policy should include such coverage, however.

Reply 3. “We have a 5 page storage agreement which specifies that, if an entire billing period is unpaid (following due notice) then we will not be responsible for further storage and may, at our option, elect to sell to recover accrued storage costs”

Reply 4. “I hope you have more luck with certified mail than we did. Clients can decline to sign for it, then claim that they did not receive it. Thus there is no proof unless you have the envelope. Maybe we could camouflage the envelope to say “You have won an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii etc”?

Question re freezing ram semen

When we collect ram semen to freeze (we use Triladyl), we usually find that the first collection each day does not freeze as well as the later collection, even though semen quality is apparently the same. So..we often discard the first collection on principle, and freeze the subsequent collections.

Not sure what cause this this variability, perhaps differences in seminal plasma?

Is this a common, or reasonable policy. Or are we throwing out good semen?